Most people feel anxious from time to time. For some, those feelings seem to be present all of the time. Excessive worry can interact with daily life making it hard to engage in even simple activities. When that happens, you may have generalized anxiety disorder. This mental health condition can exacerbate substance use issues and make recovery difficult. However, a mental health treatment center can help you take back control of your life and learn how to manage the symptoms of your anxiety disorder. At Virtues Behavioral Health, we offer a comprehensive anxiety treatment program that can provide you with the care and support you need to heal.

Symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Sometimes it is difficult to know that you have this condition or if you’re experiencing a stressful period in your life that has led to anxious thoughts and feelings. However, there are very specific symptoms that can signal the presence of a generalized anxiety disorder. These may include:

  • Constant worrying and anxiety over areas that are out of your control
  • Worrying that is not realistic, or concerns you have are out of proportion with the reality present
  • Inability to relax or de-stress, feeling restless all of the time
  • An inability to make decisions or fear of making the wrong decision even over simple concerns
  • Difficulty handling uncertain experiences or situations

In addition to this, many people with this condition also experience fatigue, difficulty with sleeping, irritability, trembling, and nervousness. If you’re experiencing these types of symptoms, know that it can be difficult to manage them on your own. Seeking out help from an outpatient treatment center can be exactly what you need to recover.

How Can an Anxiety Treatment Center Help?

The goal of an addiction treatment center is to provide one-on-one support and resources to help you move beyond anxious thoughts and feelings. Sometimes those who struggle with anxiety benefit from the use of medications to help reduce the symptoms they feel. This may help give you clarity and more stability so you can work with the underlying cause of the anxiety if one is present.

Your anxiety treatment program will involve the use of psychotherapy. That’s because this type of talk therapy gives you strategies and steps to take when you begin to feel anxious (or even before). This can help alleviate the risk of feeling anxious or give you tools to use to calm down and refocus your attention.

Some of the therapies we offer at Virtues Behavioral Health that may be a part of your therapy include:

These and other addiction therapy programs enable you to control negative thought processes and rebuild a strong, healthy outlook on life. When you engage in them, you’ll find yourself better able to deal with stress and more empowered to handle any situation with clarity. Controlling negative thoughts can often be one of the most important steps to doing well in this program.

Why Anxiety Disorder Treatment Is Vital

It’s not comfortable to live with this type of anxiety. Yet, there are other reasons to embrace treatment as well. For example, you may benefit from treatment to help you avoid worsening symptoms. Anxiety can also co-occur with depression and bipolar disorder in some people.

More so, some people experience the onset of a substance use disorder if they are using drugs or alcohol as a way to calm their anxiety. This type of self-medication can lead to physical and mental health consequences as well. Treatment, though, can minimize these risks and create new opportunities for healing.

Find the Right Treatment for You at Virtues Behavioral Health

When it comes to overcoming the symptoms of anxiety, having the right treatment and supportive services is critical. You can find the support you need at Virtues Behavioral Health. Our anxiety treatment center uses the most innovative strategies and dedicated therapists to give you the best access possible to the support you need. Learn more when you call 855.579.8599 or connect with us online.

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