Teens are facing more pressure than ever. Daily demands, stress, and losses can lead to depression in teens. Depression is different from short-term sadness. It lasts for prolonged periods of time. If you are seeing signs of depression in your teen, it’s essential to get immediate help for teen depression from our team at Venture Academy.

While the exact causes of depression aren’t known, there are plenty of things that can contribute to this condition in teens. Causes of depression include peer pressure, physical appearance, death, divorce, and break-ups.

You should know that it’s normal for your teen to experience ups and downs. That’s just a part of growing up. If you’re concerned about your teen’s emotional state, have a discussion with your teen.

Talking to your teen can help you determine if it’s time to seek professional help. Our Venture Academy team works with teens throughout Canada. When teens enroll in our programs, our goal is to help them before the depression leads to self-harm.

Common Signs of Depression in Your Teen

Being sad is a normal part of the human experience. Depression is different from sadness. It can overwhelm teens and cause them to question the purpose of life.

In fact, depression can impact all aspects of your teen’s life. As a result of this condition, your teen’s grades may go down. Your teen may experience a loss of appetite. Prolonged depression may cause your teen to attempt suicide.

Here’s what to look for if you’re concerned that your teen is experiencing depression. Signs may include fatigue, weight loss/weight gain, suicidal thoughts/actions, irritability and loss of interest in daily activities.

If you notice these signs, you should take immediate action. Each day counts when it comes to depression. It’s an emotionally painful condition that can cause your teen to make irrational decisions.

Is Teen Depression Treatable?

The good news is depression is a treatable condition. Through our programs at Venture Academy, your teen can learn new ways to cope with problems and overcome depression.

Treatment options for teens with depression include therapy, recreational activities, and medication. It’s possible for your teen to experience a successful outcome with our treatment programs.

Treating depression is a process. You and your teen must be patient throughout the treatment program. Effectively treating depression takes time and effort. With our help, your teen can recover from this condition.

Contact Venture Academy

Helping your teen overcome depression can be challenging. This is especially true if you try to do it without professional help. Our programs at Venture Academy include small groups, individual therapy, and education. In addition, we offer structured recreation opportunities.

At Venture Academy, we offer support programs to treat depression in teens. We have three locations throughout Canada, including Barrie (Ontario), Kelowna (British Columbia) and Red Deer (Alberta). In addition to teen depression, other teen treatment programs include substance abuse, electronic addiction, and anger issues.

We’ll develop an individualized depression treatment plan for your teen. Typically, the treatment process begins with a 30-day assessment and intervention. Then, we determine a suitable treatment plan based on the results of the assessment.

With our help and your teen’s participation, we can treat this condition. If your teen needs help, don’t delay because depression won’t go away without intervention. Call Venture Academy at 855.281.5813 for information about our teen treatment programs.